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iugum Data Matching Software

iugum Data Matching Software

Data Matching Software

Extracting and merging data from multiple databases can cause major integration issues. Problems stem from trying to match records that have different spellings due to many factors, including inconsistent naming conventions, typos and abbreviations. Identifying and removing duplicates is crucial to save space and be efficient. This is why we created iugum Data Matching Software.

Improve your data management with this easy to use software to cleanse, match and merge your lists, datasets or databases. No need to know any programming language or spend hours learning a complicated technical application. Our software can be used by anyone to:

  • Quickly identify and cleanse noise words.
  • Identify similar words through fuzzy data matching.
  • Eliminate duplicate entries and produce useful reports.

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Clever Data Matching

  • Make matches in more than one field and make several matches in sequence.
  • Set up noise words, synonyms and acronyms in their own libraries.
  • Our software learns from your previous matches.

Intuitive Fuzzy Matching

  • A powerful algorithm links data from different sources easily and quickly.
  • Fuzzy match technology considers misspellings or possible spelling variations.
  • Create match queries in a few clicks with our intuitive interface.

Cleansing and Deduplicating

  • Unique cleansing capabilities ensures that you have the cleanest data out there.
  • Easily remove the noise words and duplicates that clutter your datasets.
  • Increase your productivity by up to 80%.

Software that Simplifies Data Management

Software that Simplifies Data Management

iugum Data Software gives you all the power and flexibility you need to keep your databases in top shape and to create new ones by merging two or more datasets. Our step by step approach and state of the art learning tools help you to quickly become productive. Our software libraries continue to learn and remember so your data analysis gets easier and more efficient.

Professional data managers and researchers in over 20 countries rely on iugum Data Software to fuzzy match, merge and cleanse their datasets.


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After a careful research on the market, we decided to choose Iugum Data Software (iDS) for its best price/quality offer. We took the time to test the application thoroughly and found it to meet all our needs. iDS is very easy to use. The interface is clear and intuitive and the matching results are strong. This tool makes us save so much time when matching our sales team activities and the results are significantly better than what we were able to achieve with the previous application we were using. Thank you very much for your help and support during the testing process.