What is data integration?

Data integration refers to the process of combining data that comes from different sources. Typically, the user needs to have a unified view of all the data that is available for a set of customers, company names or products. That’s where business intelligence comes into play to make the most of the enormous amount of data available. Techniques like fuzzy cleaning and matching are used to standardize the data and establish the appropriate links between customers, company names or products.

Which data integration services are provided?

Data integration services basically include three areas, data cleansing, data matching and data merging. These areas can be seen as the three basic steps to data integration. To be integrated, your datasets need to be cleaned of duplicates, noisy characters and fields that are not relevant. Then fuzzy matching comes into play. Because the same customers or products are written in different ways in each dataset, due to typos, abbreviations and so on, fuzzy matching is used to recognize how similar (or not) some of your entries are. This phase is, of course, crucial to obtain a final dataset of great quality. Finally, in the merging phase, the data is integrated based on several predetermined factors, e.g. name, email or physical address.


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Data integration services in the greater Montreal area and throughout Quebec

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Is this the type of data integration problem you are facing? You are sitting staring at two, three or even more data tables or spreadsheets full of data. Some of the rows have columns full of information and others have empty cells scattered about in random patterns. The regular software you are using are helpful, but you still have to put much effort and time to sort and clean the data, make the appropriate matches and integrate the datasets in order to be efficient. In this era of knowledge and big data, data integration has become a key factor for businesses to keep on top of their game. At iugum Software, we have developed state-of-the-art solutions to help all types of organizations tackle the challenge of data integration.

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