FuzzyMatch - Tutorials

Use these sample files to get the most out of your free trial.

Match company names

Match people names

A quick overview of the functionalities of FuzzyMatch


A quick example of how to match on several fields at once or in sequence


Very easy. Use File/Open, then select the two datasets.


Learn how to make powerful queries with minimum effort. Use our user-friendly boolean logic. Control the level of similarity, the number of fuzzy suggestions and which libraries you want to use.


iugum Data Software identifies perfect duplicates in Table A to speed up the fuzzy data matching process. The summary of duplicates displays the duplicates in a structured manner. Very useful.


With this convenient feature, you will never be in the dark. Just click on any cell to display a specific subset of your matches.


The match toolbar will be your best friend to review the matches after running your query. Use it to accept or reject suggested matches, add words or group of words to your libraries and much more.


Learn how to export the matches you have accepted. Select the fields you want to add to your report. Include duplicates or not.

Happy fuzzy data matching!


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