Why choose iugum Data Software?

Fuzzy Matching

First and foremost, the creators of iugum Data Software® are world-renowned researchers who use data extensively, and know that matching data is hardly ever (we might even venture to say almost never) a “yes or no” proposition. Fuzzy matching allows you to set broad parameters to judge whether two data records are a match.

Customizable Libraries

iugum Data Software® provides three customizable libraries – Noise, Predefined and Synonym – for you to use in various ways. They all come pre-populated with some entries but you can add your own information to them over time. Using the libraries in every match run you do means that you don’t have to re-establish match criteria each time, saving you time, effort and frustration. The power of the libraries really kicks in when paired with fuzzy matching or when shared between different members of a team working on a large data set.

Multiple matches

To save you the time and effort of running one match on a pair of datasets and then running another match and then another and so on, iDS brings you the functionality of sequencing. With this, you can perform multiple matches in one process run. And not only that, you can fuzzy match records simultaneously on more than one field. iDS is serious about making your data matching as convenient as possible.

Everything in view

All your information in iDS, data records and matches alike, is easily viewable from one screen, unlike other fuzzy matching software that requires you to bounce from one small screen to another. The Dashboard Panel works alongside the Control Panel and the Match Panel to present all the data in a highly readable, not-scrunched-up, format, in resizable panes. And you can access some functionality through drag-and-drop as well as through icons.

Data cleansing

Sometimes you just want to cleanse or remove duplicates (deduplicate) a data set, and iDS is efficient at that too. The Noise library comes into play here, and the end result is a report of the cleaned up version of whatever data fields you specify you want to cleanse.

We take you through the process

It’s not only the customizable libraries that learn as you go through the matching process – you do too, through the iDS built-in guide. The iDS fuzzy matching and merging process is a series of steps that are identified by little blue numbered buttons throughout the iDS screen. Following the sequence of steps takes you smoothly and successfully through the process; if you need information about a particular step, left click the mouse button over the blue step button or look in the tutorials on our website for that step. iDS provides stress-free help wherever you need it.