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data integration process

Is this the type of data integration problem you are facing? You are sitting staring at two, three or even more data tables or spreadsheets full of data. Some of the rows have columns full of information and others have empty cells scattered about in random patterns. The regular software you are using are helpful, but you…

Data cleansing services

We offer customized data cleansing solutions

iugum Software was created to support the extensive data cleansing, matching and merging needed for academic research. Much care went into building a software that would be efficient and easy to use. We are committed to making data managers and researchers’ lives simpler when it comes to cleansing, matching and merging data…

Data management services

Specialized data management services

At iugum Software, we have developed a set of expertise that allows us to be efficient and innovative in the way we tackle your data management issues. We believe in establishing close relationships with our customers in order to work as a solid team. You know your business and so do we! Our experts can help you find efficient…

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