Fuzzy match

  • Link misspelled data from different sources
  • Create powerful match queries in a few clicks
  • Customize to your own needs

Data cleansing

  • Remove noise words
  • Identify fuzzy duplicates
  • Standardize your lists

Date match

  • Build time series
  • Prepare event studies
  • Retrieve data based on calendar dates

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Fuzzy Match

Fuzzy Match + Data Cleansing

Fuzzy Match + Data Cleansing + Date Match

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Read structured files such as Excel
Perform fuzzy matching
Set the number of suggestions of close matches
Set the level of similarity
Use the Match Toolbar to review match suggestions
Use the Match Toolbar to find additional matches
Populate personal libraries to improve the accuracy of future matches
Select fields to appear in the match report
Automatically exclude non-valid matches from report
Calibrate between speed and precision
Export, merge and share personal libraries
Fuzzy match on several fields at once
Fuzzy match on several fields in sequence
Easily extract all best suggested matches
Produce a report of all suggested matches
Easily make match queries using “and/or” operators
Save a matching session as a project to be resumed later
Export report to Excel, Access and txt format
Cleanse noise words
Standardize record spellings
Fuzzy-deduplicate datasets
Retrieve data based on calendar dates
Build time series
Build event studies

Fuzzy Match

Fuzzy Match Software

1 product

“Fuzzy Match”, offered on a yearly subscription basis, is ideal for merging files. It finds fuzzy similarities effectively and rapidly.

$99.99 USD

Yearly subscription

Fuzzy Match Plus

Fuzzy Match + Data Cleansing

2 products

Our « Fuzzy Match Plus » data software, offered on a yearly subscription basis, includes the “Fuzzy Match” and “Data Cleansing” features developed by iugum Data Software. It’s the ideal data management software to merge and clean your data.

$149.99 USD

Yearly subscription

Fuzzy Match Pro

Fuzzy Match + Data Cleansing + Date Match

3 products

Our « Fuzzy Match Pro » data software, offered on a yearly subscription basis, includes the “Fuzzy Match”, “Data Cleaning” and “Date Match” features. Our all-in-one data management software is ideal for merging, integrating and cleaning your data.





$199.99 USD

Yearly subscription

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Customizable Libraries

iugum Data Software® provides three customizable libraries – Noise, Predefined and Synonym – for you to use in various ways. They all come pre-populated with some entries but you can add your own information to them over time. Using the libraries in every match run you do means that you don’t have to re-establish match criteria each time, saving you time, effort and frustration. The power of the libraries really kicks in when paired with fuzzy matching or when shared between different members of a team working on a large data set.

Multiple matches

To save you the time and effort of running one match on a pair of datasets and then running another match and then another and so on, iugum Data Software brings you the functionality of sequencing. With this, you can perform multiple matches in one process run. And not only that, you can fuzzy match records simultaneously on more than one field. iDS is serious about making your data matching as convenient as possible.

Data cleansing and data deduplication

With iugum Data Software, data cleansing couldn’t be easier. Choose the field to clean and identify the characters to delete and presto, voilà! Once cleaned, the records can be standardized  and duplicates can be identified and removed easily.

Easy to use

iugum Data Software can be used by anyone to quickly identify and cleanse noise words, identify similar words through fuzzy data matching and eliminate duplicate entries and produce useful reports.

Yearly Subscriptions for Students and Faculty

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The data management software developed by iugum Software are available on an annual subscription basis for the educational sector.

Iugum Data Software is the leading data management software used in education worldwide.

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