About iugum Software


About iugum Software


iugum Software was created by a university researcher, Claude Francoeur. We first developed iugum Data Software® to support the extensive data cleansing, matching and merging needed for academic research. Much care went into building a software that would be efficient and easy to use. Professional data managers and researchers in over 20 countries now rely on iugum Data Software to manage their databases.

Our fuzzy data matching software was designed with the end-user in mind. You will find several tutorial videos and short articles in the "Our products" section and step-by-step help guides within the application. We also offer online support with a very short response time. We want you to have a wonderful experience using our software!


iugum Software is committed to making data managers and researchers’ lives simpler when it comes to cleansing, matching and merging data. We make powerful products that are easy to learn and use, and we are attentive to the needs of our customers to constantly improve our products and services.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. We believe in the values of honesty and integrity and we understand the privilege of  having our customers place their trust in us.

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